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Rivertown also offers comprehensive studies taught at the Master Level providing the principals of teaching techniques, general education and practice teaching.

Students who complete these courses will have enough skill and demonstrated enough knowledge to pass the Instructor exam as well as:

  • Knowledge of Georgia licensing rules and regulations
  • Explore and/or pursue careers in chosen field
  • Identify students strengths and weaknesses and develop methods for scholastic progress
  • Lesson planning, testing and evaluating
  • Establish objectives and accomplish with various teaching techniques
  • Classroom management, control and effectiveness

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Credit Hours 750
Hourly Rate 10
Tuition Amount $7,500.00
Enrollment Fee $100.00
Kit Charge $0.00
Book Charge $800.00
Total Tuition $8,400.00

All prices are subject to change without prior notice

Gainful Employment Disclosure Cosmetology Instructor
Gainful Employment Disclosure Barber Instructor

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